...or "Why I should get my meds at Everett Pharmacy."

I won’t regale you with stories of how wonderful we are - you’ll figure that out within minutes of being here. What I will tell you is this - I can’t be in business without you and if you aren’t happy then I have to worry about my livelihood. I don’t want to worry about my livelihood...

Some services we can offer to make sure I have a business and you have good health are:

Great Customer Service...

such an all encompassing promise. Great customer service comes in so many forms but we focus on 3 BIG ones.


We’ll get you in and out of here fast (even the word looks speedy). Look, I know you’ve just spent hours at the doctor’s office, or you’ve been at work all day and just want to get home; I’m not here to make your life any more difficult. I want to entertain you for a few minutes and send you on your way. Don’t for a second though, think that I’m being lax about my job. You wouldn’t believe the stuff I’m mulling over in such a short period of time.


I’ll save you money. I’ll find ways to get your meds cheaper (I love to find coupons for you); if your insurance plan offers a discount on a 90 day supply, I’ll call your doctor and get a 90-day prescription; I’ll give you good deals on stuff; and, when I can - I’ll beat Walmart’s price (it’s rare that I can’t). My philosophy is - I don’t need to make my fortune from one customer in one transaction (nope, I plan to inherit my millions). I have no aspirations beyond meeting payroll and keeping the lights on.


We’ll smother you with convenience. We have free delivery on Tuesdays and Fridays, our only requirement is that you give us a call at least one day ahead to prepare the prescription(s) and we’ll bring it to you. If you and your co-workers want us to deliver your meds to work - we can set that up. Curb service is a great thing. It’s sorta like a drive thru without me putting a hole in my wall. Call us, tell us you are leaving and we’ll bring your meds out to your car.

Customer service comes in many more shapes and sizes, too many to name here. Just ask us if you need something, whether it be information about your medications, help with determining the best Medicare plan to meet your needs, getting your refills synchronized so you make only 1 trip to the pharmacy every month, or packaging your monthly meds in a daily dose system. Sometimes we just don’t have the answer to a problem but in that case we still rely on customer service - if we can’t fix it, solve it, or remedy it - we’ll find out who can!