Our Staff

Karen Iseminger, R.Ph.

Bachelor of Pharmacy, State University of New York at Buffalo School of Pharmacy, 2001

Karen is the product of 2 Everett Area High School graduates (Dan and Eileen Reed). She was born right here at Bedford Hospital in 1970. The family loaded up and headed south to Pasadena, Maryland in 1971. Karen graduated from Chesapeake High School, Pasadena, MD in 1988. She attended York College of PA and graduated with a degree in English in 1994. She met her husband Dan in 1993, they married in 1997; he talked her into Pharmacy School and together they completed the pharmacy program in 2001. Time away from the pharmacy is spent with the loves of her life - her 3 kids. She’s an avid sports fan and has plenty of thoughts on the world today - go ahead, stop by and ask her, she loves to talk!!! Just don’t disrespect the Packers...

Dan Iseminger, R.Ph.

Bachelor of Pharmacy, State University of New York at Buffalo School of Pharmacy, 2001

Dan was born in Hagerstown, Maryland in 1971 (yep, Karen robbed the cradle). His family moved to Binghamton, New York in 1976 and spent a few years in Germany. He graduated from Vestal High School, Vestal, NY in 1989. He attended York College of PA and graduated with a degree in Criminal Justice in 1993. His life finally took a turn for the better when he met Karen... Dan works a day every week at the pharmacy to give Karen a break; otherwise he runs his own business. Independent ReliePh provides per diem help to independent pharmacies within an hour radius of Everett. He has a full schedule - due to the fact that he’s a great pharmacist! His time off is spent doing whatever Karen tells him to do (although he stands firm on his love of the Redskins).

Tyler Ruby, Pharm. D.

Doctor of Pharmacy, Duquesne University, 21014

Tyler is from Clearville and is the son of Bev and Ron Ruby. He is the grandson of Dorothy and Virgil Morral and Pleasant and Leroy Ruby. Tyler is a 2008 graduate of Everett Area High School. Tyler began his Everett Pharmacy life in 2010 as a first-year intern; now, we have a newly licensed pharmacist who happens to have graduated with honors (yeah... he's a VERY smart guy but he still relies heavily on Karen's wisdom and guidance). Karen will see to it that Tyler has very minimal free time but on those rare occasions that he's not here you can find him at the golf course or gym.

Connie Morris

Connie was born and raised in Bridgewater, Connecticut (as no records were kept that long ago - we aren’t sure of the year). She graduated from New Milford High School, New Milford, CT. She married a PA native in 1967 and they relocated to Everett in 1975 with their 2 daughters. She worked at High’s Dairy on North Spring Street and then as the office manager for Bill McMillin, DMD until the fateful day she accepted the job offer at Everett Pharmacy in 1996. She spends her free time making floral arrangements and selling Avon. Her favorite thing is spending time in the mountains of New York at her retirement cabin.

Nora Calhoun, C.Ph.T.

Nora was born and raised right here in Everett, PA. She graduated from Everett Area High School in 1978. She married Larry Calhoun in 1986. Nora has worked at the pharmacy since 1998 and earned her pharmacy technician certification in 2006. She keeps her certification current by completing continuing education assignments and being tested on the content. When she’s not working or studying she enjoys genealogy and spending time with her family.

Trish Baraniak

Trish is an Everett native. She graduated from Everett Area High School in 1985. We tried to hire Trish in 2012 to no avail - we didn't give up on her though and she finally came on board in February of 2013 and she hasn't looked back. Trish spends her down time with her son Steven Williams. They love the outdoors and spend their time hunting, fishing, shooting or floating down the river (this is NOT to be confused with the time Trish spends with Karen paddling the river on their way to 1st place finishes and near drowning experiences).

Alison Perrin

Alison is the baby of our group; she was born, raised and schooled here in Everett (EAHS class of '11). Alison enjoyed a stellar athletic career while at Everett and continues to involve herself in school sports by coaching and helping out with many of the girls' teams. Alison's free time is spent with her boyfriend Dan (of Hostetler Garage fame) and their baby - Torque the bloodhound.