That's right... we've all finally gotten certified to inflict pain upon you for a fee. Karen, Dan or Tyler will gladly vaccinate you against Shingles, Pneumonia, the Flu, Tetanus/Diphtheria and Pertussis or any other type of vaccination you might need (travel immunizations get hairy - call us and we'll let you know if we can administer the specific shot you need).

We bill insurance and we don't require appointments but here are some tips:

  1. Call your doctor and have a prescription faxed to us beforehand. This way we can...
    • Verify it's covered by your insurance (even if they promise it'll be covered, their definition of "it's covered" and OURS is a whole lot different - let us bill it and tell you immediately what your cost will be)
    • Set up a time to give you the shot (we can do it on the fly but we're much more pleasant if we have time to prepare and quite frankly when somebody is coming at me with a needle I want them to be in the best mood possible)
    • Make sure we have the vaccine in stock (shingles and flu vaccines are almost always in stock but why not check first, right?)
  2. We need to get to your upper arm - keep that in mind while dressing - don't make us struggle to get to the area (remember if we see that you didn't dress properly we can dull that needle on the concrete before we take you back for the shot)
  3. We'll have paperwork for you to fill out beforehand and you are supposed to stay with us for 15 minutes after you receive the injection - you will be here for a while DO NOT come on a day that somebody you don't like is working