About Us

Pharmacy Staff Photo
Karen and Dan Iseminger,
Pharmacists/Owners, Everett Pharmacy

Hi there! The experts tell me I have 15 seconds to grab your attention - they then proceeded to tell me I couldn't offer free samples of the meds and my accountant informed me that I couldn't afford Roethlisburger so I guess I'm on my own here.

My name is Karen Iseminger and I own Everett Pharmacy along with my husband, Dan (I own 51% so I get to do the writing). We bought the store on February 2nd, 2009 and I wish I could explain to you the stress and arguments that have resulted from that purchase... In all honestly, since that day I have not worked a day in my life. Don't get me wrong - I'm at the store more than 50 hours per week but my love of what I do and my relationship with my patients make my 'job' a pleasure. I spend the vast majority of my day chatting with people; oh yeah, I fill some prescriptions, too.

I don't take the prescription part lightly 'cause let's face it - I could hurt somebody (and I'm pretty sure that would be bad for business). Our first priority at the pharmacy is speed; why not accuracy? Because accuracy is like breathing - you don't prioritize breathing. You are busy and the last thing you want to do is spend time waiting on me. Now, that being said, if we have some good merchandise on hand and cash flow is slow, maybe I'll let you browse a little...

Like I said, I spend a lot of time getting to know my customers and while it seems like I'm just killing time - I'm actually learning stuff. Recently, after describing a nightmare I'd had, one of my patients informed me that she was not getting sleep because of nightmares; after a quick review of her medication profile I suggested maybe it was her blood pressure medication. With her ok, I spoke with her doctor the next day; the doctor changed the medication and viola! the nightmares stopped and she was sleeping peacefully (her husband came in and thanked me for making his wife more tolerable to live with).

I'm not a pill-pusher (well, by definition, I guess I am sorta) but if you ask me, 'should I take this med?' I will answer you honestly, I will not try to make my fortune on you and an unnecessary medication. That's not to say I overstep my boundaries with doctors, mostly I will arm you with information to take back to your doctor so that you can have an educated conversation.

Listen, pharmacy is a dynamic profession, meaning it is constantly changing; unfortunately, I don't like change. I like old school pharmacy - you bring me a prescription, I fill it, you ask me all sorts of questions about it and then you walk out happy. I can't compete with the mail-order prices and I can't compete with the big box chain stores when they sign exclusive contracts (you know, you have this insurance so you can only go to this store) but what I've got that they don't is the time to care about you. I'm not saying those other pharmacists don't care about you but they aren't given the luxury of time to care. Numerous studies have shown that patients who utilize small independent pharmacies are healthier; it boggles my mind that the insurance companies are pushing their members to any place other than my store. I could go on about that topic for hours - I'll spare you my irritation.

Enough about the perfect entity that is Everett Pharmacy (that's sarcasm, a talent at which I excel); now for some background information...

I was born at Bedford hospital. My parents (Dan and Eileen Reed EAHS class of '67) moved to Maryland in 1971 when I was 6-months old (yeah, now you know how old I am). I went off to college in York, PA in 1988 (I had aspirations of being a sports writer - and while that didn't pan out I can at least hold my own in most sports conversations - I'm sure my parents are thrilled to have spent many thousands of dollars for that sole purpose). I met Dan in 1993 and over the course of the next 5 years he talked me into marrying him ('97) and going to pharmacy school ('98) - selling the marriage idea was incredibly easy, the idea of pharmacy school was a little more hard-fought. We entered SUNY Buffalo in the fall of 1998 as the first married couple to enter pharmacy school (after a mere 2 months I was fairly certain we'd also be the first divorced couple in pharmacy school). We made it through, which is a true testament to Dan's patience and good nature (I was a little, uhm, well, difficult during those years - a little competitive). When we graduated there were actually 3 Isemingers on that stage (one just didn't make an actual appearance for 8 months). And so began our life post-college. We moved to Everett to be near family, in May 2001; I began working at Everett Pharmacy at that time. Two more kids followed and in '09 the opportunity to become pharmacy owners presented itself. We work hard, take nothing for granted and know that customer service is our biggest asset. If given the opportunity we will show you the luxury of being appreciated.